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Each auto accident lawyer within our firm has witnessed the devastation that a car accident can bring on a daily basis in San Diego.

An auto accident can occur at anytime and anywhere in San Diego. Each and every driver must practice and maintain a certain degree of care while driving a motor vehicle in order to avoid being involved in possible accidents. Each individual driver must always exercise care while they are driving. A driver may be deemed negligent if a traffic sign is ignored, a speed limits is exceeded, a safety law is put to the way side, or a distracted driving law is not followed. If you have suffered a personal injury during an accident caused by a negligent driver, it is very important that you seek the counsel of the car accident attorneys at King Aminpour & Associates as quickly as possible after the accident occurs. A lawyer for car accident will provide comprehensive, experienced, and professional services and be an strong and compassionate advocate for you. A car wreck attorney within our firm will be fighting on your behalf from the moment of impact to the completion of a case or settlement. Your trusted auto accident lawyer will navigate the complicated insurance world; deal with the paperwork and forms, meet with opposing lawyers for car accidents and insurance companies, and make sure you receive nothing less than the full amount of compensation that you deserve.

The Auto Accident Lawyer San Diego for the Common Man

With any accident, there is the burden of proving who is truly at fault. This burden usually falls on the injured party. We understand that this can sometimes be difficult because most insurance companies are extremely unfair and want to pay you the least compensation that you will accept, or get your claim dismissed in its entirety. A car injury lawyer within our upstanding firm will help you to prepare your claim in order to determine who is honestly and factually at fault. Once fault is determined you and one of our car accident attorneys will work hand in hand to pursue the avenues needed to receive an evaluation of the correct compensation owed by the insurance company or other party.
A highly capable and practiced car accident injury lawyer within our Law Firm will use as many resources as possible to determine the liability of an auto accident. Some of those sources include:
Testimony of person(s) directly involved
Police reports
Public safety reports
Paramedic reports
Red light cameras
Air ambulance transcripts and tapes
Hospital intake forms
Towing company reports

You Must be Your Auto Accident Lawyer San Diego Top Priority

It is best to first call the police to the scene of any accident in order to obtain a police report. Police reports usually contain the written account of the accident from the officer who arrived first on the scene and these reports can be very helpful to the auto accident lawyer you chose to handle your claim. Police reports contain a great deal of evidence regarding the accident, this typically includes the police officer’s opinion of who is at fault. Police officers will also indicate whether or not they issued any citations on the scene of the accident. Most insurance companies will wait out any possible settlement until a police report is obtained, but a police officer does not always show up to the scene of an accident. If a police officer does happen to show up to the scene of your car accident, be sure to ask them exactly how you can obtain a copy of the police report to give to one of our car accident attorneys.
Take the time to sit down with a lawyer for car accident at King Aminpour & Associates to receive a free consultation and an opportunity to discuss the details of your case. Most insurance companies would rather deal directly with the victim of a claim. These unfair insurance companies want to pay you the least amount of compensation, and most victims are not aware of their complete rights regarding injury claims. A dedicated car wreck attorney within out firm will see a case through from initial negotiations, to trials and appeals. Our trustworthy car crash consultation allows you to openly discuss the options that are available to you with a car wreck lawyer that knows the laws. Their fees are usually paid on a contingency basis, so you’ll pay no fees unless the car accident lawyer is victorious in court or settles with the insurance company.
Call an auto accident lawyer at King Aminpour & Associates in San Diego today for a free consultation to find out how we can help you. (619) 512-2317

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