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Truck Accident Lawyer San Diego CA

Although, like most people, you would prefer to never need a truck accident lawyer, hiring a truck accident attorney at King Aminpour & Associates is the only way to ensure that the recovery amount you receive for your personal injuries and damages to your vehicle after an auto accident is fair and adequate. In the unfortunate event of an accident resulting in personal injury to your or a loved one, contacting an auto injury attorney within our firm immediately after the accident will ensure that someone is working on your behalf and has your best interests in mind from the very beginning.
We highly recommend you contact one of our San Diego auto accident attorneys so that you have an opportunity to discuss your case with a knowledgeable truck accident lawyer and to ensure you will not be able to be taken advantage of by an unfair auto insurance company or an attorney representing a liable driver.
Unfortunately, many drivers are unaware of their legal rights when it comes to personal injuries and are consequently taken advantage of by the corrupt system of insurance companies and defending accident lawyers. Many people who decide not to hire an auto lawyer to represent them immediately in dealing with an auto injury claim wind up doing damage to their case later on down the road by not ensuring simple procedures are carried out and therefore receive much less compensation than they actually deserve. Because the legal system can be so complex and difficult to understand without years of rigorous study it is best to hire an automobile accident attorney that is experienced in dealing with unjust insurance companies and personal injury claims that arise from auto accidents. Making the choice to hire a prestigious car accident injury lawyer within our firm will secure your fate in not becoming one of these uninformed victims. At King Aminpour & Associates, each of our auto accident attorneys have the experience you need while searching for legal representation after your automobile accident.

A Truck Accident Lawyer Recommends Specific Steps To Follow After An Accident Has Occurred

There are specific steps you need to take following the unfortunate event of an automobile accident. If taken, these steps will assist our auto accident attorneys when preparing your case and arguing your case in a court room.
1)Immediately following an accident it is critical that victims receive emergency medical care to both prevent worse injuries as well as to avoid any injuries that may be life-threatening.
2)During this time it is imperative that any of the victims involved in the accident do not speak with the other parties involved in the accident, nor should they issue statements, written or verbal, to another party’s insurance company.
3)After the health of everyone involved in the accident is stable, victims of the accident should consult an automobile accident lawyer at King Aminpour & Associates to learn their full and complete legal rights.

Equally as important as the above steps is writing down the license plate number of all the vehicles involved in the accident as well as the driver’s license number of the other driver if the police do not report to the accident scene. If you are physically able to, take photos with a camera phone of the damage to your vehicle, along with any other vehicles involved, as well as the accident scene. These simple steps will be extremely helpful to your claim when you meet with your auto injury attorney at King Aminpour & Associates.

Call A Truck Accident Lawyer Today!

You should be wary if an auto insurance company approaches you after your auto accident and wants to take your recorded statement about the events leading up to and following the accident or promises to pay your medical bills before you talk to an auto injury lawyer. Most of the time, these sly insurance companies are attempting to make you think that your claim will be processed quickly and easily and that you will be treated fairly. In reality the insurance company is hoping that you will avoid hiring a qualified truck accident lawyer so that they can give you the least amount of money and close the case quickly before you have an opportunity to think about your other options. By hiring a highly qualified and experienced truck accident attorney at King Aminpour & Associates, you will be sure to receive the full compensation you deserve and be treated fairly for the personal injury you suffered when dealing with insurance companies.
We would be honored to discuss you case during your free consultation with one of our Truck Accident Lawyer San Diego, CA when you call (619) 512-2317.

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